Therapeutic treatments Price Estimated duration
Neuro reflexology of face and head 150 zł 60 min
Neuro reflexology of hands 100zł-120zł 45/60 min
Neuro reflexology for eye disorders 150zł 60 min
Neuro reflexology of feet 90zł 30 min
Tibetan neck and head massage 100zł 30 min
Joined therapies (face+hands+feet+magneto+acupuncture) 250 zł 90 min
Auriculotherapy 60zł 30 min
Stimulation of the facial muscles 110zł 60 min
Cupping, plasters, magnet therapy 70zł 40min
Neuro reflexology-therapy for children with special needs* 150zł 60 min
Neuro reflexology-therapy of stuttering 130zł 60 min


Duration and frequency of therapies is determined individually and based on the patient's condition.

Choice of applied therapy is determined after taking the patient's medical history.

If the patient's condition requires longer therapy, prices are established individually.
*If your child: 
-ma learning difficulties 
-ma behavior problems 
-ma emotional problems 
-ma problems with stuttering 
-ma slight degree of autism 
-ma ADHD 
-is hyperactive 
-ma dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia 
-ma problems with hearing and vision 
-is hypersensitive

Cosmetic treatments Price Estimated duration 
Japanese Cosmo Lifting with mineral masks 280zł 60min
Gua Sha with jadeite tools and natural oils, face revitalization 300zł 60min
Hakuza Gold Therapy 499zł 60min


Special offer

  • If you buy a ticket for 10 treatments, you will receive one additional treatment to be carried out within 8 weeks from the date of purchase.
  • Recommendation of the centre to a new patient is rewarded with one treatment for the recommending person.